Why I think there’s a possibility for Stiles to be the one to ”’save”’ Derek based on just a few things:

Firstly the whole exchange between Derek, Stiles and Peter in 4x06. We know that Derek only talked about his problem with Argent (correct me if I’m wrong). There have been lines dropped here and there, hints and observations made by Derek himself regarding his power loss. The only one who has been actively noticing this is Peter and we’ve seen that since 4x03.

Now. I think it’s very meaningful that Stiles was in that scene. It wasn’t just coincidence or just for the sake of having Derek and Stiles in the same room. I like how we see hints of Derek losing his powers from both Stiles and Peter’s point of view. First we have Stiles who for the first time seems to take notice of it:


And then Peter divas his way in and we have the second take on Derek’s problem. And based on his creepy reactions, I feel like Peter is somehow gonna use this to his advantage.

But back to Stiles. So far he’s the only one in the pack to know something’s up.

And it all comes together when Derek apparently is going to die. We see a beautiful zoom in on Stiles’ reaction and frankly, I don’t understand why no one’s making a big deal out of it because it is. 


And shipping aside, it does make sense for that zoom in to be on Stiles’ emotional reaction because he was the one to see it happen before his very eyes earlier that day. He’s making connections. Derek really is in mortal danger.

There’s absolutely no coincidence to any of it. 

LASTLY. Let me remind you of a certain dream scene that has yet to be addressed. 

That is all.

UPDATE : 4X07 and 4x08

It makes more and more sense. I haven’t the slightest idea how it will happen, but I’m 90% Stiles will play a big role (the biggest, the most important, he will be vital) in somehow bringing Derek back from whatever this is.


I won’t go into detail, I’ll just point out it again.

Stiles is conflicted over the Hale money because he knows that Derek is momentarily in mortal danger and again, he keeps it to himself. He has trouble getting words out and he fidgets uncontrollably. 

Malia comes in and proceeds to update them. Stiles’ first concern:


Let’s all bask in the glory that that stepping forward is.

In conclusion: 

Once again, Stiles is shown to be the only one in the pack that actively shows concern about Derek and knows of Derek’s physical state and acts on it. The foreshadowing thickens. 


After watching it again and consulting some brilliant meta, it’s quite clear to me that Stiles and Derek might be more connected than ever. I know we’re all disappointed in the lack of physical encounters but believe me, at this point, it’s better this way. If Jeff chose this path for them, then it’s glorious and I’m actually praying that they don’t have anymore scenes together till the last episode. Keeping them apart is crucial to the depth and the turn that their relationship will take later. As I said before, it’s extremely important that Stiles was in that scene with Derek because it allowed him to see that something is wrong, which is the beginning of all this foreshadowing. 

This episode in particular was full to the brim of parallels, especially between Derek and Stiles portrayed in their relationships with their female counter parts and the not-exactly-feeling-accomplished feelings. But this is not about sterek in general, this is about Stiles saving Derek.

The last scene was the most beautiful sterek transition that graced my eyes and it couldn’t scream any louder : ‘I, Stiles, know and fret over Derek being on the list and potentially ending up dead, I’m looking at your name, it’s right there’ and then zoom in on said name and then cut to next scene, oh look Derek.





Another thing that I hope to be foreshadowing is the whole Kate vs Stiles deal. It happened 3 times already and I might not be too far off track.

The first time was during the dream scene *does customary flailing about* which basically set Stiles and Kate at polar opposites. The Good vs The Bad in Derek’s life. Dream vs Reality. The safe place that the dream was vs the nightmare that reality was.

Second time is during 4x02 baby Derek kidnapping and third time this last episode. Here's a post that captures it beautifully.


The fact that Stiles was the focus everytime and the fact he is not only in the know, but he’s shown to be thinking about it repeatedly, makes me believe that it’s foreshadowing that’ll lead to him being the savior.

side note: Notice how this parallels 3b Derek in the same fretting over manner that Stiles is portrayed now.

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